Interactive slider & choropleth used by @beardigsit in the 2015 Twitter Flight keynote.

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Topic Modeling

Network graph clustering connected users by topic.

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Volume of Twitter users who identify with a particular language. (2014 NYTimes bits blog). Collaboration with @dfuzrindustries.


Audience Inights

Visual description of a sample twitter audience. Huge thanks to @dfuzrindustries for this gem.

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Open Data

Colorado voting on education tax and pot legalization. Collaboration with @trinary.

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Labeling Clusters

Viewing clusters through feature lenses.

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Exploring dimensions with a typical scatter plot. Built for leading the 2014 D3 workshop at CU Boulder.

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Provide a clearer story around the false positives and/or true negatives for a selected theta value. Update to @Kolb's graphical representation for his trends white paper.

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