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Meet The Team

Stasia is a marketing maven with experience in the outdoor and nonprofit world.  Her brain delivers marketing ideas with a rapid fire reliability to produce a story worth telling.  She loves people and is currently working to become a licensed therapist.

Stasia – Public Relations Expert


Scott found a nitche in delivering ideas, flavoring them with passion and extending the reach of the pedal project.  We’re excited to have him on board to broaden our vision, develop connections in the cycling industry and learn the technical requirements that will build a structure for the team’s success.

Scott - Growth Development Director


Karla has worked with youth for more than 15 years and now serves as the team’s education director. She holds a Masters of Education and currently works as both a teacher and as a international consultant in the field of inclusive education. When she isn’t saving the world, she and her pup, Surly, have fun climbing, hiking, running and cycling.

Karla – Education Director


Daniel pictures himself as a living testament to the bumble bee can’t fly theory…somehow he manages.  He manages well too. This tuxedo jersey wearing Sweed is quite determined to make the goal that he sets out for himself.  He’s a sponsored mountain biker.  We feel privileged to have access to his guidance and comedy at the Pedal Project.

Daniel – Racing Liaison


Lorenzo is a boxer and he knows how to overcome challenges.   At the ripe old age of 15, he was bored with school, but this man persisted to want more out of life.  He worked with his teachers to develop a plan to study more difficult topics including discrete mathematics and later on he became the recipient of the prestigious Daniel’s Fund Scholarship.  As a recent DU graduate, we believe Lorenzo has made the impossible possible and so we welcome him as our full time fundraising ambassador.

Lorenzo – Fundraising Ambassador


Adam is quite possibly the coolest person in the world and he’s darn good with a camera.  Fortunately for the Pedal Project, he’s in love with Ali – a gal who is equally equipped with both creativity and radicity (she’s super rad).  Together, this amazing duo represents our photography department.

Ali and Adam – Lead Photographers


As the team nurse and one of our official podium girls, Rachel is quite an asset.  She is a talented athlete  excited to unleash her inner tiger on cycling.  We can only hope that she’ll bring the mighty Bruce dog along to cheer on the team!

Rachel – Team Nurse


Sari is not a dietitian or nutritionist, but likes to tell other people what to do. She is particularly passionate about telling them what to eat, and dies a little bit each time she sees someone eat a ho-ho. After spending her teen years reading “Women’s Health,” she graduated to books on health and nutrition, and from there began stealing passwords to medical journals so she could brush up on the actual literature. She’s a big believer in good food and its potential to make great athletes even better. She also worries a little bit about manorexia, which is only sexy if you’re Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting. In real life, Sari is a blogger and PR specialist in Education Reform. She has an M.B.A in Marketing from CU Boulder.

Sari – Team Nutritionist


There’s only one word that can summarize Andrew’s essence: relationships.  The man just loves people!  He loves seeing them rise above challenges, he love’s seeing them learn new things, he loves watching them discover that they can trust each other with big things….little else motivates him more on this beautiful earth!  As a result, he’s the director of mentoring as well as the chief operator of awesomeness.

Andrew – Director of Mentoring


As a CPA, Diana is the CFO for a private equity firm and has built a tax and accounting business on the side. She is the author of a financial literacy guide for youth called Money for Teenagers, and also volunteers regularly as a mentor and the Board Chair for Minds Matter of Denver. Diana packs a punch in athletic competitions so be on the lookout for her at races.

Diana – Accountant and Gluten Free Food Specialist


After many races in 2010, Brian wondered if his racing was at the very least lacking of substantive concern.  Expanding his search for meaning within competitive racing, the seeds for the Pedal Project were planted alongside his goals to become a professional mountain biker.  Tending to the growth of this project now nurtures his professional aspirations and makes him faster…which is apparently really freaking fun.

Brian – Founder and Youth Racing Development Coordinator

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