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Pimpin’ for Pedals Friday July 15th, 2011

July 15th
Denver, CO 80211
Introducing you to a good cause and maybe your future lover, Pimpn’ for Pedals ain’t easy, but we plan to pack a punch! The idea was born from the fact that so many of you good people live in this area, but you don’t know each other.
The Pedal Project ( hopes to tap that goodness, pour you a drink of it and let that sweet nectar permeate your soul while you mingle. To ensure an equitable distribution of genders, you’ll need to bring a single person of the opposite sex to pimp out at the party. Everyone, bring your psych because we’re doing something pretty rad. The donation of $10 includes VIP access to DJ Johnny Arc and the opportunity to meet your soul mate!  A free chance to win a door prize (some darn good swag is being thrown our way) is also included in your attendance.  Plus, the cash goes towards helping some kids race bikes so you’ll feel better about yourself in the morning. With your kind $10 donation, we’re going to help students like Hannah. She lost her father in a cycling accident and now wants to race in her father’s honor while reliving his passion for the sport. Let’s make sure that happens!
And please, invite your friends. It’s going to be a union of faces from Denver to Boulder that might give rubber-necking enough credibility to become an official Olympic sport. Seriously though, it’s going to be a blast. I hope you can make it!

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